I love these bracelets because they have a lot of meaning behind them at different levels but still have the same underlying message of "you shall love your neighbor as yourself" do our children love their neighbor when they feel shame in themselves? Because our whole mission is about self respect and self value .....These BRACELET's just reminds me to not fear what others think. When we lose the fear, we lose the shame! My kid doesn't follow the beat of others drum .... and I Dig that just like you will.

Amazing Bracelet
  BE AMAZING BRACELET 100% to Amazing Alex's kids Count Campaign....50.00This bracelet enc..
BE YOUR own Kind Of Beautiful Bracelet
   This Leather Bracelet " BE YOUR own Kind Of Beautiful" makes a perfect gift fo..
Not all Those who Wander are Lost Leather Bracelet
NOT ALL THAT WANDER ARE LOST LEATHER BRACELET 49.99 ...Amazing Alex's kids Count Campaign...we ar..
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