This is the not for profit section of our business. We provide parents with Autism friendly natural kid products at wholesale prices for small purchases so that they can afford nontoxic products for their children. Alex's Kids line consists of Pure soaps, shampoos, lip butters, oils and essential oils without harmful preservatives. We hope to soon carry the base products and tools for those who wish to make their own at greatly reduced prices as well. We will provide these recipes to everyone with free with instructions. Our goal is to allow all of Alex's kid friends to have the great stuff exactly like she has it at the cost that she has it at. Together we create purchasing power.


We are a grassroots startup company and the support we receive comes from only people like you. Please join Alex's team and make a difference in our children's future.

You can help in several ways. Please take a moment to like us. Please give our products a try and see if you like them so you can help us grow (even a bar of soap for 7.50 makes a difference). Think of us when buying anyone a gift so that you can spread our product and our reach. We can make any sort of gift sets. Think of us for your next fundraiser. Tweet about us. Facebook us. Link to us. Sharing us with your contacts is probably the greatest thing that you could do to help. We need your help and its easier than you think. Please take just a moment to help us make life a little easier for someone else.

We hope to be running as a full nonprofit in the next year so we can better help other families who struggle to afford what every child should have in very basic necessities of life but are priced out of the market place (like pure natural soap). This is our first step towards that goal. We look forward to you being part of team Amazing Alex in her campaign and appreciate your support because a lot of small voices make the biggest changes. And, if we don't care enough to change the future for our children then who will.

Ideas of things we can do:

We can add the finest of oils to your products in ways that you just don't find in your most elaborate beauty products at a much more reasonable price. And, you will not only save money for a better product but you will be part of building something that helps others.

We can scent your products any way you like with our essential oil line.

We can create and package gift sets to meet any budget and for any occasion. Weddings, bridal parties, birthdays, gifts for dad, mom, wife, husband, teacher, preacher, neighbor or new mom and baby. And, your gifts will help in spreading Amazing Alex's reach to others who may need it in your own community.

We are happy to help in fundraisers of any type.

We can provide fabulous projects for classrooms, churches, kids clubs

Non Profit:

We hope to be a nonprofit soon and you will be able to deduct what you spend with us.

What you can expect from us soon:

We will be adding more products as quickly as we can.

We will be providing our recipes and discounted base ingredients for people who want to make their own products. Because if we buy together then we can all afford to live natural.

Feel free to email directly with any questions